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Corprew Funeral provides pre-need, at-need and after care services which may consist of traditional funeral services, cremation services, church services or shipping services.

Pre-Need Services

Often we think countless things for our love ones such as pre-planning for funerals. Corprew Funeral Home stands in great value to assist our families not only in “at-need” services, but also pre-need services. Families often ask the need for pre-planning: Pre-planning is a sensible, responsible and caring decision. Planning ahead helps in several ways such as:

– Important decisions can be made for your love ones without being stricken with grief.

– Assurances in knowing that your love ones will have the proper personal burial of your choice.

– Pre-needs planning provides peace and security for all your concerns.

– It also can protect the family against inflationary cost of funeral expenses.

“Planning Ahead is the Best Thing You Can Do”

For more information on Pre-need Arrangements, please contact:
Deandra Crockett
Office Manager | Pre-need Consultant | Licensed Funeral Provider

William “Sonny” Barnes
Pre-need Consultant | Licensed Funeral Provider

At-Need Services

We at Corprew Funeral Home Inc. specialize in giving our families the finest professional care throughout their time of time need. Corprew Funeral Home Inc. offers many types of services such as, traditional burial, memorial services, cremations, direct cremations, military burial, or any type of religious or ethnic services of your request. Corprew Funeral Home Inc. also arranges in and out of state services for your loved ones.


  • Professional Services of Funeral Director and Staff
  • Embalming
  • Transfer of Human Remains to the Funeral Home
  • Funeral Home Facilities
  • Automotive Equipment
  • Caskets
  • Outer Burial Containers
  • Merchandise
  • Forwarding of Remains to Another Funeral Home
  • Receiving Remains from Another Funeral Home
  • Direct Cremation
  • Immediate Burial

Aftercare Services

During your time of grief, personal attention for your family is needed before, during, and most importantly after. Corprew Funeral Home understands the personal attention and now is offering aftercare services.


Aftercare is a form of grief counseling giving throughout your most difficult time. Families often find the necessity for counseling throughout the entire process of grieving. There are questions from the families such as:

How? Why? What? When?

There is different typ of ways to be stricken by grief. Shock, Anxiety, Bitterness, Anger, Depression and sometimes even being suicidal are some of the symptoms of grief. We at Corprew Funeral Home have a variety of ways in dealing with this nature of life. So let us help you with our newest product aftercare counseling.